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You could win a complete set of skincare just for sensitive skin!

win a complete set of organic skincare designed for sensitive skin

Start your journey to the best skin of your life today. 

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That’s $230 worth of organic, herbal, premium skincare all to take incredible care of your skin!!

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Competition closes on the 2nd of June at 11:00 CDT
Winner will be announced on the 3rd of June, sent a DM letting them know and have 48 hours to claim their prize.
Make sure you complete the entry in the link, like our Instagram or Facebook page, and comment and tag friends as instructed in the posts.

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Want to know more about us? Keep reading!

We know just the herbs and oils you need to turn stinging, redness, and irritation into naturally healthy, gorgeous skin. If you've been frustrated by reactions to new products then this will answer your prayers!

Herbal beauty is the conscious and effective choice for your skin. We inspire your skin to its most beautiful state without using any toxins at all. Imagine feeling confident not only about how you look, but about the health, environmental, and social impact of the products you use. We also provide video and blog tutorials to help you get the best benefit from the natural skincare you purchase.

Blissoma creates confidence you can see - soul to skin.
What makes Blissoma's holistic, herbal skin and body care so special?

Our recipes have been developed for specific skin types from botanical, raw, and nutritious ingredients. We personally juice, infuse, extract and carefully combine hundreds of the world's best Certified Organic and wildcrafted botanicals, EcoCert certified natural ingredients, fruit enzymes, energizing vitamins and more to support your skin. The result is a holistic approach to skincare suitable for people with sensitivities, acne, aging skin and more.

Our recipes are 100% original and unique to our line.

There is simply no one else making our exact recipes. Our natural facial care and body care was initially developed by founder Julie Longyear after years of study of essential oils, chemistry, and her own personal quest for wellness through plant-strong lifestyle. Everything is made in-house by our staff members from custom designed production protocols. The result is completely different from the dozens of copycat product lines that are nothing more than a different label on the same recipe.

Blissoma creates potent, plant-strong natural skincare for beauty through health.
We love giving our clients results like this.

"[Pure Sensitive Care Complex] is the best facial lotion I have ever had the pleasure of using. I have been looking for a new lotion for years using hundreds of products with no prevail. My skin gets so dry in the winter that it peels on my eye lids, nose and chin. I also have rosacea. I have tried everything under the sun to help and this is the first product that actually worked. I would highly recommend using this product with any skin type. My friend has very oily skin and uses the same product and it yields the same excellent results. I will be a lifetime user."
---Erin from Enfield, NH

"I fell in love with Lavish Loving Recovery Beta-glucan Mask immediately. I have a very sensitive skin that's prone to acne and zits. This mask is so calming, I love its smell and how delicate it feels on my face.The first time I used this product, I had a big inflamed zit on my forehead. I left the product on for approx. 25 mins and after I washed my face with warm water, I looked and that zit was significantly smaller. I followed the mask with the Restore deep healing oil and my face felt so smooth and hydrated. I used this mask at least twice a week and on a daily basis I use the Restore deep healing oil with Pure - Sensitive Skin Soothing Complex. I'm loving the results since my face now is so clear. I was able to get rid of all the chemically processed skin care products I had used before. This mask is a staple now is my skincare regime." ---Maya from California

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Blissoma natural skincare is cruelty free and vegan.

Our products will pass your ethical inspection. We are Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free. Our products are biodegradable and we use environmentally friendly practices in making them, like composting all our herb waste from our extractions and infusions. We pay our employees a fair wage, provide health insurance and flexible hours, use USA sourced materials whenever possible, and give back to our community through organizations like Earthdance organic farming apprenticeship program. 

We're as tired of sell-outs and hollow promises as you are. You won't find any of that here.

We invite you to read our ingredients labels.

Blissoma declares absolutely every ingredient in our products. No hidden stuff, no loopholes, no sleight-of-hand. We post all of our ingredients lists proudly on our website with every product listing, which is super important if you have sensitive skin. You don't have to hunt, and if you have questions please email us. We have a very informative FAQ page with information on things like our plant-based, natural preservation system.

Our products do NOT use:

Hormone disrupting chemicals
Ethoxylated surfactant chemicals
Ingredients tainted by 1,4 dioxane
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) ingredients
Irradiated ingredients
Synthetic preservatives
Strong acids
Irritating synthetic retinols
Triclosan or Triclocarban
Animal ingredients
And many other irritating chemicals.

Soothe ecosystem icon

Our Soothe Ecosystem goes even further, and is curated especially with especially reactive skin in mind.  Our recipes will help you rebuild your skin's resilience through deep hydration and nutrition.

It's time to take action to change your skincare for the better.

Your one-and-only body deserves the best. Blissoma is one authentic, healthy choice you can make each day. It's really quite simple. When you use clean, nutritious products you get the best results.

Our giveaway closes on June 2 at 11 CDT, so enter today now for your chance to win.  See complete rules and included products on the entry page.

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