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Kimberlyloc - Beauty Scoop on Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser and Restore Oil Serum

Posted by Administrator on 3/27/2013 to Media Mentions
Kimberlyloc - Beauty Scoop on Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser and Restore Oil Serum

Kansas City based beauty blogger Kimberly Wallace tried a few of Blissoma's products and has great things to say about us - like how a rice flour based cleanser is her new favorite, and how an oil serum is preventing the appearance of blemishes for her when used before bed. She attributes it to the great quality natural oils used in each skincare product.

"I think I love Blissoma Solutions Fresh Mild Rice Facial Cleanser so much because it uses so many of the beloved oils I’m used to applying during oil cleansing. But, it has a thicker consistency that gives it some depth, as well as tiny little scrubbers that gently exfoliate during a morning wash — talk about the best of all worlds!

Combined with other anti-inflammatory oils high on the list — evening primrose, grapeseed, jojoba, red raspberry, rosehip and cranberry seed — this concoction just seemed like the perfect answer to two of my nightly needs: moisture and acne-prevention. It has a soft, nutty aroma laced with hints of rose and berry. I have to say, it did not disappoint! Back in this outfit post, I mentioned I’d be impressed with how calm and clear my skin had been lately. That post was after about three weeks of using Blissoma Solutions Restore Deep Healing Oil Serum religiously every night before bed."

Kimberly Wallace

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