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Help us heal Ferguson - 15% of Blissoma retail sales for December will go to Earthdance Farms and St. Louis Area Foodbank

Posted by Administrator on 12/5/2014
Help us heal Ferguson - 15% of Blissoma retail sales for December will go to Earthdance Farms and St. Louis Area Foodbank
"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal." Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Dear clients and friends,

Blissoma has our headquarters and production studio in St. Louis City. Since August of this year civil unrest has rocked our community. Ferguson is located just 15 minutes down highway 70 from our production studio in North City. Friends and business associates have been closely affected by the struggle our community has faced. Some live and work in the Ferguson area, some have given up work time to protest or volunteer with repair efforts, and everyone in St. Louis has been emotionally riveted and strained by the history-making civil rights struggles and legal events.

While discussion continues about details, positions, and legal processes what is crystal clear is that our community has a lot of healing to do. Bridging divides requires generosity and venues where citizens can work hand in hand to create understanding. People also have immediate and urgent needs due to loss of income from their businesses being destroyed, looted, or having sales impacted by the unfolding events.

7 years ago when searching for a studio location I purposefully chose a distressed urban neighborhood in North St. Louis City because I believe in personally working towards restoration of our city's economic fabric and commmunity strength. Since then I have done everything I can to bring prosperity and progress to our neighborhood. Every dollar spent at Blissoma helps us create more fair wage jobs in St. Louis City, improve our historic building, and solidify a brighter future for Hyde Park. We know we are doing what we can every day to make our community better. However, we would like to do more this month.

We were fortunate that our building has been safe and intact and our staff has been able to work consistently through the Ferguson unrest. Because we are still in a position of strength we want to use that strength to help two organizations that are in a prime position to help make real progress with short and long term solutions for the Ferguson community.

Read more about how you can help us help Ferguson by clicking through to the full post.

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