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65 Reasons to Love Shopping with Blissoma

Posted by Administrator on 6/15/2015
65 Reasons to Love Shopping with Blissoma
"I want to be my best, strongest, most authentic, conscious, and loving self."

We love getting up every day and working to make the world a better place. Sure, we make super pure, herbal products that outperform conventional brands but there is SO much more to love about what we do and how we do it. At least 64 more reasons to love us to be exact...

Blissoma products do not use:

  1. Hormone disrupting chemicals
  2. Petrochemicals
  3. Ethoxylated surfactant chemicals like polysorbates
  4. Ingredients tainted by 1,4 dioxane
  5. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) ingredients
  6. Irradiated ingredients
  7. Synthetic preservatives
  8. Synthetic fragrances
  9. Pthalates
  10. Strong acids
  11. Retinols
  12. Triclosan or Triclocarban
  13. Animal ingredients
  14. Animal testing

Click through to read all the other amazing reasons we are a vital force in the green beauty world.

Whole pomegranate extract with punicalagins proven best to prevent UVA and UVB damage to skin and collagen synthesis

Posted by Administrator on 8/11/2014 to Ingredient Profiles
Whole pomegranate extract with punicalagins proven best to prevent UVA and UVB damage to skin and collagen synthesis
"Estimates state that 80-99% of what we see on our skin as adults is the result of exposure to daylight, which is referred to as photoaging. Manifestations of photoaging include an increase in wrinkle formation, a loss of tension and elasticity, degeneration of the vascular supply and skin thickness, hyperpigmentation and other skin discoloration, dilated capillaries (telangiectasis) and a reduction in the water-binding properties of the skin."
International Dermal Institute, Dr. Diana Howard

Exposure to UVA and UVB rays prompts a host of results to skin including cell damage and death, increases in inflammatory response, increases in skin's free radical content, and increased activity of collagenases which are enzymes that degrade collagen structures. The typical recommendation from dermatologists is to wear sunscreen, but chemical sunscreens are especially fraught with complications including allergic reactions, hormonal disruption, and the fact that they can actually increase the free radical production in sun exposed skin!

A wholly different approach to prevention of skin aging is to use nutrients like antioxidants to boost the natural damage resistance of the skin.

Read more by clicking through to our complete article on how you can boost your natural sun damage resistance with pomegranate antioxidants.

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