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Skin sensitivity and allergic reaction is more common than many people realize.
Over 50% of women in the USA describe themselves as having sensitive skin, and nearly 40% of men.
Are you suffering from sensitive skin too?

Sensitive skin solutions for irritated, red, stinging skin.  Over 50% of women have sensitive skin and need special skincare to avoid irritation.

If you experience any of the following symptoms you likely have sensitive skin:

  • Stinging when products are applied
  • Redness and flushing, rashes
  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Itching
  • Excessive dryness, tightness, soreness and uncomfortable sensation
  • Breakouts, bumps, and skin congestion

Skin aggravation and sensitivity can be merely topical or it can have its roots internally as well. Lifestyle choices and your environment contribute too. 

Luckily Blissoma is an expert in sensitive skin. We know the triggers and how to deal with them.

Connect with us by email and we'll give you a FREE PLAN that will help you learn about the causes of sensitive skin so you can change the health of your skin for good.

We know what you can do about sensitive skin.

When you learn the causes of sensitive skin you can build a plan to minimize reactivity.  Blissoma can help by teaching you why your reactions are happening, and help you figure out which substances and situations to avoid.

Imagine if you could finally soothe your skin and have the beautiful complexion you want. You could eliminate discomfort, embarrassing redness, and breakouts if you just knew what to do, and what products to use.

Ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin to heal sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is special skin, and needs extra attention. 

Most salespeople at the average beauty superstore or department store have little to no training on sensitive skin needs. They know only the marketing claims of the products on their shelves, and not the science of skin.  This results in an expensive waste of time, and irritated skin for you.

Blissoma has spent years working with clients who have extra special, sensitive skin. Our staff is highly educated in chemistry, herbalism, esthetics, and skincare chemistry. Based on our extensive experience we can recommend methods and products that will help you stop sensitive skin reactions. 

Get our FREE Sensitive Skin Reset Plan and start changing your skin health today.

Sensitive Skin Reset - a plan to soothe sensitive skin and improve sensitive skin health

Our plan will help you get started on the path to soothing your skin and give you pointers about avoiding irritants in the future. It's FREE to you by email.

We'll tell you all about what makes your sensitive skin more reactive so you can discover your triggers.  

We'll also tell you the 12 most common chemical skin irritants for sensitive skin.  You're going to want to start reading labels religiously!

Also included are dirty secrets of the cosmetic industry, and the ingredients we do and don't recommend as your sensitive skin is healing.

Your plan will come to you in 2 incredibly informative emails over 2 days so you can learn about sensitive skin and then take action quickly.

Get my plan to soothe sensitive skin

We're here to help you every step of the way with personalized advice and email support from our staff esthetician.  Our community loves the intelligent, caring access to trained professionals and you will too.

"Thank you tremendously!!!! I am new to your products, but I must say that I am impressed with the quality of people associated with your company. Lauren has been so helpful!! You personally taking time to help me with this speaks volumes for the character your products are built on. If I knew nothing more than this, I know that I want to continue buying from you, and will definitely be spreading the word how personable and committed you and your team are. Again, thank you." - Karen

Women with sensitive skin soothing their sensitive skin

Don't waste another dollar on products that are not right for your sensitive skin.  

Learn what you can do to avoid the swelling, itching, redness, and flaking of sensitive skin.  Our years of experience can work for you.

Start for free today.  When you have the right knowledge you can make the changes you need.  We look forward to hearing about your success!

Get my plan to soothe sensitive skin

Want to learn more about Blissoma?  We are sensitive skin specialists.  Our talented skin health team has decades of combined experience and a passion for knowledge.

We have helped thousands of people change the health of their skin for good, which is why our skincare brand is considered a cult favorite in the natural beauty community.

You can read more glowing words sent by our customers, or learn about our founder and brand, or just check out our internationally recognized, award-winning skincare line.  

Blissoma is devoted to authentic, healthy, nutritious, intelligent, plant-based, natural skincare and we can't wait to revolutionize the health of your skin with you.

Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards
Blissoma Organic Skin Care Awards