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Online holistic skin consultations and natural skincare advice from a holistic esthetician. Personalized healthy skincare advice with organic products and recommendations for skin allergies, acne breakouts, dryness, oily skin, aging, hyperpigmentation and other customized skin advice. Virtual skin consultation service.

Get an Online Holistic Skin Consultation and Analysis

Blissoma has been helping people with personalized, holistic online skin consultations for nearly 10 years.  We offer ongoing online access to a trained, naturally based, licensed esthetician who can help you achieve your goals for your skin.

Our knowledge base extends beyond typical skincare into holistic methods, nutrition, allergies, and uniquely problematic skin issues. We consider it an honor to help you achieve health for your skin. Our staff will spend the necessary time with you to discuss your particular challenges, desires, and experiences with other products.

This service, a $45 value, is currently free to our customers and those considering a purchase of Blissoma.

To begin the process of receiving an online holistic skin consultation please fill out our Skin Evaluation intake form.  This will help us assess your current situation and provide recommendations for skincare products and tips relating to diet and lifestyle.  Responses are usually sent by email within 48 hours of initial receipt of your information.

Start your online holistic skin consultation today by clicking here to fill out our virtual skin analysis evaluation form.  Our esthetician will help you with skin problems as part of your skin consultation.

You can dialog with our staff as much as you like as you begin using our products to provide support and adjustments along the way.  We are here for your skin health success!

If you just need to ask us a quick question about product usage or continue your conversation you can email us at: esthetician@blissoma.com.

What is included in your Online Holistic Skin Consultation?

Skin problems can have many triggers.  That's why we ask for plenty of information from you so that we can understand your body, your habits, and your goals.

As part of your Online Holistic Skin Consultation we will analyze information about your diet, health conditions, allergies, where you live and more.  Often we will look up products you may already be using so that we can determine if there are ingredients in there that may be aggravating your skin problems.  Many people have sensitivities to synthetic skincare ingredients and just do not yet realize it!  Based on our years of experience we understand how many of these factors can work for or against you in getting the healthy skin you want.  

We also specialize in helping people with severe allergies, and those who have multiple sensitivities or may be post-cancer treatment with an increasingly sensitized system.  Our skincare line is designed with the needs of very sensitive skin people in mind and we can help guide you to the products that will be safe and nurturing for your skin and avoid your allergy triggers.

Who will be helping you with your Online Holistic Skin Consultation?

Our staff Esthetician Lauren is beloved by our client base and has been providing email consultations for Blissoma products for over 5 years now.  Lauren is a graduate of the Skin Institute in St. Louis and a holistic living afficionado who loves continuing to learn about nutrition and wellness.  She has a deep sensitivity for skin issues and offers detailed support that shows her care for our customers.  You are in great hands with her, as many of our clients would tell you.

Lauren continues a tradition of caring, personalized service that was started by Herbal Chemist and founder Julie, who still also occasionally assists with skin consultations.  We are wholly invested in your skin health and success, and we know that your skin is *unique* and that the factors contributing to skin problems are complex.  This is why we love helping people individually so that we can make sure you receive the right products for your needs, and that you know how to use them.

Blissoma staff esthetician Lauren provides online virtual holistic skin consultations and skin analysis to help you solve skin problems with natural and organic skincare and healthy lifestyle

"Hello Lauren! I think you were meant to be a esthetician in your lifetime because you are great at what you do and you are very detailed! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to send me a lengthy email that was very beneficial to me! This is going to help me out so much." - Jessica Espinosa

Holistic skin consultation and online support for skin problems and skin sensitivities. Happy customer review of online skin consultation and organic skin products.

Customer feedback about holistic virtual online skin consultations from happy customers.  Get your personalized online skin analysis from our holistic esthetician and improve your skin health.
Start your online holistic skin consultation today by clicking here to fill out our virtual skin analysis evaluation form.  Our esthetician will help you with skin problems as part of your skin consultation.