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Natural Makeup Spotlight - Flattering Red Lipstick for Every Skintone

Posted by on 7/20/2017 to Natural Beauty News and Trends
Natural Makeup Spotlight - Flattering Red Lipstick for Every Skintone
Want an instant pick-me-up? A perfect red lipstick evokes passion, love, strength, and courage.  It's an easy way to flatter and brighten your face in mere seconds. While it can be daunting to choose the perfect red for your complexion, the key is knowing your skin tone and selecting the correct shade and intensity of red.

Red is the color of fire.  It is an emotionally intense color, with a very high visibility.  Red is inherently exciting, and naturally draws attention.  Wear a red accent when you want to present yourself as dynamic and bold.  

Scientific American addresses some facts and fallacies about red, click here to learn more about the science behind the hue.

Skin comes in all unique colors and tones, and figuring out what complements your unique look takes a little experimentation.  However, we have some red lipstick tips that should help you!

A true red lipstick can be challenging to come by in a 100% natural form because minerals generally come in red tones that head more towards pink or brown.  Depending on your personal ingredient rules Blissoma stocks some options from favorite natural makeup brands Couleur Caramel and RMS Beauty.  Nontoxic beauty is a personal decision and so we have information to arm you to make a choice that will be perfect for you! 

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If you have fair skin and have pink undertones in the skin, opting for a cooler blue based red would be the ideal choice. If you have a more golden or olive skin tone and warmer colors look best on you, try a red lipstick that has orange or coral undertones. 

Not sure about lipstick undertones? We can help you determine your best colors.  For example, Julie is fair with light eyes and pink undertones.  She is wearing Beloved Lip2Cheek by RMS Beauty, a bright, true red with a hint of poppy to flatter all skin tones.  When applied on cheeks it imparts a healthy, sheer, rosy glow.  Use as a lip stain to lessen the intensity of the red.  

The pigments in the Lip2Cheek are super concentrated, a little goes a long way.  The ingredients in Beloved include organic coconut oil, castor seed oil, shea butter, jojoba and buriti.  It is one of the few RMS products that uses a synthetic red colorant just to get a truer red color, so it also contains the following pigment [+/- Red 30 CI 73360, Red 6 Lake CI 15850].  If you do not have allergies to synthetic red dye this may be one spot in your routine where you might not mind occasionally splurging.  The contact is minimal, and with how intense this color is you may not wear it every day.  

If you prefer to avoid red dye completely we have options that are entirely mineral based that you will love!  Our collection of lip colors by Couleur Caramel has a range of reds for you to choose from, including.... (drumroll please) a gorgeous and dramatic, creamy red lipstick that will have you looking like a classic bombshell beauty.  Keep reading to see it! 

Certain shades of red look better on some skin tones than others.  Formulated with organic jojoba and castor oil to hydrate the lips, olive wax for longevity and plant-based active ingredients to keep your lips healthy and smooth, Couleur Caramel is the perfect complement to your natural look.   We make it easy for you to match the red lip option to your skin tone with these suggestions for each skin color. 

Fair (pink) - Fair skin can be overwhelmed by reds that are too bright.  Choose a deep red with a slight orange to bring out the warm tones and flatter a pink-hued fair complexion.  The Garnet shade (217) by Couleur Caramel has a pearly deep red with gold and rust tones to perfectly highlight fair skin.

Fair (yellow) - Fair skin with yellow tones are less flattered by pink or rose-red shades, choose a warm brick red or persimmon red to bring out the gold undertones.  Try Sublime Peach (238) by Couleur Caramel, a sheer brick shade with a slick of Pearly Coral gloss (808) to highlight and shine.

Medium (beige) - Medium-toned skin needs a dark red with gold undertones (universally flattering to all skin tones), the gold warms the complexion and the dark shade enhances lips dramatically.  Choose Furtive Kiss (240) from the Couleur Caramel collection, a deep dark red with an emollient berry-stained finish.

Medium (golden or olive) - Rich bright pink-red and deep coral shades infuse the look with gold tones and make the skin glow.  Couleur Caramel's Pearly Coral Gloss (808) adds shiny color with a sheerness, or Shining Fuschia (262) brightens the lips with superb color coverage and feel.

Medium (bronze) - Bronze tones are fortunate, just about any red lip color brings out the eyes and warm peach in the skin tone. We chose Glossy True Red (223) by Couleur Caramel as the perfect accentuation to whiten teeth, brighten eyes and enhance lips.  This is one of our best-selling red lipsticks.

Deep (dark bronze) - Darker skin with natural gold tones is complemented by bright pink-red or cayenne shades as a vibrant highlight for lips.  Acid Raspberry (238) by Couleur Caramel has intensity softened with a sheer applicaton. Finish with lipgloss in Raspberry Pearl (805) to add additional shine and depth.

Deep (dark cocoa) - A blue-based cool shade flatters dark cocoa skin tones, the darker the better.  Couleur Caramel has two dynamite dark red options with the sheer and shiny Furtive Kiss (240) and a modern, matte option with Matte Cherry (258).  The deep shades are perfectly suited for a high-definition modern look.

Now that you have selected your perfect red, here are some application tips to help this semi-tricky shade last throughout the day:

1. First, wipe off any lip balm or moisture on your lips, as this will keep the lipstick from sticking.
2. If you notice dry skin that needs to be removed, consider using a lip scrub.  You can make your own easily with a little raw sugar and oil, or brushing lips gently with a soft, dry toothbrush works for minor dryness.
3. Try using a lip lining pencil like Couleur Caramel Raspberry or Old Rose to line and fill in your lips.  Or, if you want more of a stained look. use a fingertip to apply.
4. After you have applied a strong lip shade, dip a clean lip brush in a little concealer and gently trace the outside of your lips to ensure a clean, sharp line.

A few last thoughts on the power of red -

Red is the highest arc of the rainbow
Red is the first color you lose sight of at twilight
Red flowers are usually pollinated by birds, butterflies, bats and wind.  Bees can see all bright colors, except red.

Let's see that smile!

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