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Blissoma Loyalty Points Program will help you save on natural skincare, organic skincare, eco friendly skincare, natural deodorants, aromatherapy products, and more from one of the best natural skincare brands

We're offering a rewarding way to shop for your favorite products.

Here's the fine print on this great new way to earn your way to discounts or free products:

The Loyalty Points Program is open to retail customers only, not wholesale customers, and accrues points that can be used *only* on Blissoma.com. Points accrued on our website cannot be used in-store and vice versa. These are separate systems with separate computer tracking and we cannot combine them, with our apologies.

Points accrued on Blissoma.com do not expire and can be used at your discretion. For every $1 you spend on our website you will receive 5 points credited to your account. Occasionally we will offer special ways to earn extra points for purchasing certain products. To find out about special points promotions please make sure to sign up for our email newsletter, where these specials will be announced.

Redeeming Points

Points accrued on Blissoma.com can be used in several ways:

1. You can redeem your points to "pay" for products.

When you are logged into your account you will see an additional button next to the "Add to your cart" button that will show the redemption value of any eligible products on our site. If you have enough points in your account you can use the points to purchase that product. Accruing enough points to pay for an entire product may require waiting and letting points accrue through several orders depending on the value of the product. Samples will be one of the easiest things that can be bought with points, as their values are lowest of everything on our site.

2. You can redeem points to purchase gift certificates for our website which can be used to apply to your orders so you save money.

Because gift certificates on our site can be purchased like any other product we have set point redemption values for gift certificates valued up to $60. The lowest value gift certificate is $5, which would cost 500 points. Simply purchase the gift certificate with your accrued points, and then use the gift certificate to pay for a portion of your product order. This method will be the fastest method for customers to achieve savings on most orders.

And BONUS: When you redeem points to purchase a gift certificate you will actually earn points as well! A $5 gift certificate will earn you 25 points, a $10 gift certificate will earn you 100 points and so on just like purchasing a regular product.

You can also earn points to your account when purchasing gift certificates or products to gift to friends and family, making Blissoma a gift that truly gives back.

An account must be created on our site to track your points. Points do not expire. Please contact our staff if you have any questions or trouble with point accrual or redemption.

Get started earning points and sign up for an account today.