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3 tips to keep skin hydrated during winter naturally - Blissoma with Show Me St. Louis

Posted by on 2/27/2015 to Media Mentions
3 tips to keep skin hydrated during winter naturally - Blissoma with Show Me St. Louis
"My skin has been so dry!"

Blissoma founder Julie Longyear appeared on Show Me St. Louis on Friday to discuss timely tips to help your skin survive the winter in happy, hydrated condition. The products you use in the morning can make a big difference in your skin's hydration all day long.

1. Pay attention to Ph when cleansing.

Using a soap-based cleanser can throw off skin's Ph and leave it feeling dry and aggravated. Skin has a natural Ph of around 5.5 which is acidic. Soap is alkaline at a Ph of approximately 9 or 10 usually. Instead of soap use a natural, non-soap based cleanser like Free Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser or Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser which has an acidic Ph like skin. This leaves the skin's acid mantle intact. Disruption of the acid mantle can cause problems including dehydration and even acne for some people. You'll notice less tightness and discomfort to the skin when you use a natural, Ph correct cleanser.

2. Use a hydrating toner.

A lot of toners focus on "tightening pores" and are marketed as astringents for oil reduction. This is not ideal for winter, but that doesn't mean that toner is only for summertime. Instead look for a toner like a simple, natural botanical hydrosol or Blissoma's herbal toners such as Tone Intense Hydration Tonique that actually hydrate the skin with mineral rich herbs, aloe, and even unique infusions of organic cucumber and organic canteloupe. Spritz on toner after cleansing to provide a burst of water-based nutrition and help moisturizer perform more effectively all day. Blissoma's toners use herbs that are steeped at cool temperatures for an extended period of time to preserve heat sensitive nutrients.

3. Use a facial oil.

Many people are scared of using oils, but they shouldn't be. We're happy to lay the oil-free myth to rest. The only oil we recommending staying clear of is any petroleum based oils (no vaseline, petrolatum, mineral oil, or other petroleum based ingredients). Botanically based oils such as those found in natural skincare products like Restore Deep Healing Oil Serum provide intensive, lasting nourishment and protection to skin by rebuilding the lipid layer. Your skin's oil content is actually what protects it from water loss in dry air conditions. You'll have better hydrated skin all day long if you use nutritious seed oils in your skincare routine like organic rosehip oil and organic evening primrose oil. Just a little bit covers the whole face, so it's a great product value as well.

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