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June 16 + 17 only for our email subscribers.

The Blissoma Summer Subscriber Sale is coming in June

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Once a year we thank our community with our best sale.

It's nearly that time of year - our Summer Subscriber Sale is almost here! Every year to thank our community we offer our lowest discounts of the year on our complete line of products. Very soon every Blissoma product will be on sale over 2 short days. The only way to participate is to subscribe to get the sale code.
Even better, this year we have a retail store.  All our other great natural beauty brands will also be on sale in-store at their own special discount!

The healing powers of our herbal ingredients are worth the switch.

Our team lives a natural lifestyle. Blissoma is a company run by wellness junkies for people just like us who are hooked on health. We're on a mission to eliminate toxins from your personal care routine and show you the healing and beautifying power of plants. Our extracts are made from cleanly grown and harvested herbs at potent levels that go beyond what's on your local store shelves. It's time for you to have an authentic herbal experience.

Soon you can get your natural skincare fix on sale - but only if you subscribe.

Blissoma keeps a close and personal relationship with our clients. We offer free skincare consultations by email to help you select the right items, and love chatting with our community by email. It's a special connection and we want to share it with you.

Our sale code will be sent out to our subscribers 6/15.  Make sure you're signed up in time.

June 15: We send you your coupon code. There will be just one code for the two day sale.

June 16 + 17 : Use the code for 30% off Blissoma products online and in-store.

Every other green beauty product in our store will also be on sale.

Haircare, makeup, nailcare, sunscreen and more from all our amazing, indie beauty brands will be 20% off both days of the sale in our retail store.  

This is the first year we've had our beauty brands available online, and due to our inventory systems limitations and just how busy things all online beauty items will remain at regular price.  Our online customer base is just too big for us to plan inventory of all those items to match the potential demand, and we want to make sure and serve everyone well.  However, you can still purchase them at regular price to add to your sale order if you please, so your savings on Blissoma branded products could make that new foundation or nail polish fit into your budget.

Inventory of non Blissoma items is limited to what we have on hand, so shop early for the best selection. We've bulked up inventory and most items we have 3 to 4 of each shade or type of product. The selection is first come, first served and there will be no rain checks so please come in as soon as you can if there is something you just have to have. Maybe this is your moment to build your perfect Pure Anada eyeshadow palette with all their pretty, pressed colors? We've got magnetic compacts in the small and "Pro" size for you to fill. This year we've also added Vapour Organic Beauty to our store which is a perfect, glowy look for summer.  Or possibly you'll want to stock up on your favorite shampoos and conditioners from Intelligent Nutrients and Max Green Alchemy, or get an extra of your staple Alima Pure foundation.

We are also adding *essential oils* to our Blissoma brand aromatherapy offerings in time for the sale this year!  We have a modest, but growing, range of 100% natural aromatherapy oils to offer - the same ones we use in your skin and body products.  We are bottling them to share with you for your DIY beauty, natural perfumes, diffusion, cleaning and everything else you love to do with essential oils.  Because the essential oils will be under our Blissoma brand they will qualify for the 30% off sale discount.

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And we'll support you every step of the way.

Herbal beauty is the conscious and effective choice for your skin. We inspire your skin to its most beautiful state without using any toxins at all. Imagine feeling confident not only about how you look, but about the health, environmental, and social impact of the products you use. We also provide video and blog tutorials to help you get the best benefit from the natural skincare you purchase.

Blissoma creates confidence you can see - soul to skin.
What makes Blissoma's holistic, herbal skin and body care so special?

Our recipes have been developed for specific skin types from botanical, raw, and nutritious ingredients. We personally juice, infuse, extract and carefully combine hundreds of the world's best Certified Organic and wildcrafted botanicals, EcoCert certified natural ingredients, fruit enzymes, energizing vitamins and more to support your skin. The result is a holistic approach to skincare suitable for people with sensitivities, acne, aging skin and more.

Our recipes are 100% original and unique to our line.

There is simply no one else making our exact recipes. Our natural facial care and body care was initially developed by founder Julie Longyear after years of study of essential oils, chemistry, and her own personal quest for wellness through plant-strong lifestyle. Everything is made in-house by our staff members from custom designed production protocols. The result is completely different from the dozens of copycat product lines that are nothing more than a different label on the same recipe.

Blissoma creates potent, plant-strong natural skincare for beauty through health.
We love giving our clients results like this.

"I received a small bottle of Fresh Mild Rice Facial Cleanser with a Vegan Cuts yoga box. Well---IT WAS LOVE AY FIRST WASH!!! A dream cleanser indeed!!! I'm 56 & I wish I had a cleanser like this in high school. Its easy to use & smells wonderful. A must buy!" --- Valerie Irving

"I fell in love with Lavish Loving Recovery Beta-glucan Mask immediately. I have a very sensitive skin that's prone to acne and zits. This mask is so calming, I love its smell and how delicate it feels on my face.The first time I used this product, I had a big inflamed zit on my forehead. I left the product on for approx. 25 mins and after I washed my face with warm water, I looked and that zit was significantly smaller. I followed the mask with the Restore deep healing oil and my face felt so smooth and hydrated. I used this mask at least twice a week and on a daily basis I use the Restore deep healing oil with Pure - Sensitive Skin Soothing Complex. I'm loving the results since my face now is so clear. I was able to get rid of all the chemically processed skin care products I had used before. This mask is a staple now is my skincare regime." ---Maya from California

Need a few more reasons to make friends with us?
Blissoma natural skincare is cruelty free and vegan.

Our products will pass your ethical inspection. We are Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free. Our products are biodegradable and we use environmentally friendly practices in making them, like composting all our herb waste from our extractions and infusions. We pay our employees a fair wage, provide health insurance and flexible hours, use USA sourced materials whenever possible, and give back to our community through organizations like Earthdance organic farming apprenticeship program. Our motto is "Inner Beauty, Outer Care"(tm) and we live it.

We're as tired of sell-outs and hollow promises as you are. You won't find any of that here.

We invite you to read our ingredients labels.

Blissoma declares absolutely every ingredient in our products. No hidden stuff, no loopholes, no sleight-of-hand. We post all of our ingredients lists proudly on our website with every product listing. You don't have to hunt, and if you have questions please email us. We have a very informative FAQ page with information on things like our plant-based, natural preservation system.

Our products do NOT use:

Hormone disrupting chemicals
Ethoxylated surfactant chemicals
Ingredients tainted by 1,4 dioxane
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) ingredients
Irradiated ingredients
Synthetic preservatives
Strong acids
Irritating synthetic retinols
Triclosan or Triclocarban
Animal ingredients
And many other irritating chemicals.

It's time to take action to change your skincare for the better.

Your one-and-only body deserves the best. Blissoma is one authentic, healthy choice you can make each day. It's really quite simple. When you use clean, nutritious products you get the best results.

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Julie Longyear, Blissoma founder