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Scentless Stick Solid Natural Deodorant

Scentless Stick Solid Natural Deodorant

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  • Stick format natural deodorant
  • Unscented recipe with mango butter, clay, zinc and baking soda
  • No antiperspirant ingredients
  • Approximately 2 months of daily use per stick
  • 2 oz dial up stick for no mess, no fingers application
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Skin Type: All                 100% Vegan - 100% Natural

This super effective natural deodorant comes in a handy stick form and includes moisturizing mango butter and natural oils as well as anti-irritant, sweat absorbing and stink-busting powders. No toxins, no problems!

As of December 2015 we have made a slight update to this product with several new ingredients that are helping it come out very smooth and soft. We were just not able to reliably get the texture we wanted from our larger production batches with the initial recipe we had tested during formulation. Despite our best efforts fat crystals were still randomly forming in many of the sticks even after changes to our production procedure. We studied up on ingredients that would help, modified the recipe, and reprinted labels. The updated ingredients list remains Certified Vegan, cruelty-free and all natural. The odor preventing ingredients are the exact same as before.

If you purchased an earlier version of our stick directly from us and were dissatisfied with the texture please send us an email. We will look up your order in our system, confirm it and then send you one of the updated sticks to try at no charge. We are very confident in this update and can finally reliably generate the texture we always wanted for this product.

This formula will keep odor at bay for anyone. Like many natural deodorants it includes baking soda which absorbs and eliminates odor extremely reliably. Due to many reports we've seen of people reporting irritation from some baking soda deodorants we worked with our recipe to create a more balanced, skin-friendly formula so even sensitive types could enjoy powerful odor protection. There is about half the baking soda as in other products, which is less problematic for your skin's natural Ph levels, yet we've retained all the efficacy.

Sweat and odor absorbing powders help top off our new solid deodorant recipe. Anti-irritant Zinc Oxide coats and helps calm sensitive pits. Bentonite clay helps eliminate toxins from the body and Diatomaceous Earth and Organic Arrowroot Powder absorb some sweat.

As some people have allergies to essential oils we've kept this recipe completely scent free. You can layer it with your favorite natural perfume if you like and not worry about it competing or just smell like your clean self. Mango butter and the other base oils used are also nonallergenic for most people, making this an extremely mild and widely applicable recipe.

This formula took many months in development as we tried to create the ideal combination of odor protection and mildness on skin. We tested many versions and this one spreads beautifully on skin in the perfect layer - not too thick or thin - and does the job just right. The stick format allows you to apply it without fingers which some folks very much prefer.

Extra strength odor protection, unscented, absorbs some sweat, will not stain clothing, great for men, women and teens.
2 Stars
Effective BUT....
First off, this deodorant is very effective based on one day's use. After 24 hours I had very, very faint body odor. However, read the directions first (I did not). I applied after showering/ shaving- as I have always done with other deodorants. One underarm was fine- no reaction. The other looks like it's been burned and I have a huge welt that is very painful. The only change in my skincare routine was this product....I have to admit I never expected this reaction based on the description. Irritation is too mild a word for this type of reaction.

Note from Blissoma:
Hi Amy, we are of course glad to hear the product was working for odor prevention, and sad to hear of any skin reaction. Shaving essentially damages the upper layer of skin cells and can inhibit the skin's barrier function, creating a much greater chance of irritation. Baking soda is extremely effective for odor protection, and when applied to intact skin does not create problems when used at a low percentage like is in this recipe. However the fact that it stings and irritates freshly shaved (compromised) skin is definitely why we included the directions to wait several hours after shaving to use it. This instruction is common among other baking soda based natural deodorants from other brands as well. Results for other clients so far have been very consistently good without skin reaction or aggravation when the product is used as directed. If you prefer a product that can be used after shaving without this problem one of our sprays may be a better choice. They have no baking soda in them and are the same PH as skin. The Citrus Natural Deodorant Spray has a unisex, clean aroma. Thank you for giving this product a chance, and we hope it works better for you when used separately from shaving.
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Reviewed by:  from Jacksonville FL. on 12/15/2014
5 Stars
Best deodorant that I have ever tried!!!
This is hands down, no joke, the best unscented deodorant that I have ever tried. I have always been a musky man, and have always had weird reactions to most deodorants or antiperspirants, where I would have a bizarre spoiled smell after a couple hours. Not with this stick, I can go a stressful 12 hours easy, without ever gaining any stink. I will give one word of advice to all the males or women that don't like to trim or shave, you should really consider trimming with this stick. The stick is thicker than I am normally used to, so if your want your stick to go longer, the less hair, the less you will use. All in all, I am very pleased with this product, and will continue to use it, and recommend it to anyone.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from St. Louis. on 9/24/2014
5 Stars
I didn't think it would work.
I do not typically review products. However, I had to write a review for this deodorant just in case anyone was trying to make a decision about ordering the product. I have tried several natural deodorants, and this one is the ONLY product that has perfectly worked for me alone. Normally, when a wear my regular brand of natural deodorant with baking soda, the smell is not pleasant by the end of the day. Other brands worn alone have caused scaring and irritation. If I plan on being active, I mix two different brands together to avoid embarrassing odor. Unfortunately, mixing the two causes more irritation and scaring after a couple of days. Although I decided to try this deodorant, I truly did not believe that it would help me. But, I was very wrong. I have been using the stick deodorant alone daily for a couple of weeks, and it is amazing! I have no odor at the end of the day (even after sweating). There is no irritation on sensitive skin. From morning to late night, this stuff works without reapplying. I recommend this product to anyone. It will work!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Baltimore. on 10/9/2014
5 Stars
I have tried almost all the natural brands Jason's, Natures Gate, Toms, crystals... NONE really work. Yours is SO AMAZING if I am have one of those days were I have to go, go, go in the am and I just don't have time for a shower and I even forget to re apply deodorant, NO Problem, the applications from the day before keeps me covered. I know gross right, but it happens and it works!!! Thank you for being and awesome company with products that really work.
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Reviewed by:  from St. Louis, MO. on 6/25/2015
5 Stars
This has a lovely fresh sent ensuring ones own freshness.
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Reviewed by:  from St Louis, MO. on 6/6/2015

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