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About Us

Join us on an herbal journey.

Blissoma natural skincare Founder and Herbal Chemist, Julie LongyearBlissoma is the elegant marriage of herbal form and function, created by the explorative mind of a scientific artist. When right brain meets left the result is botanical innovations that really work. I am proud to bring you the result of nearly a decade of my life's work exploring the healing and enhancing possibilities of plants.

I am formally educated in art and chemistry and have had a voracious appetite for self-education and creation. I now have more than 10 years of experience working with herbs and essential oils. I began this path at age 23 when I graduated from college and had to take care of myself while dealing with debilitating migraines that made it nearly impossible to retain a regular job. I have slowly and steadily retooled my own lifestyle using botanicals to fortify and rebalance myself. I have ingested and applied all manner of plant remedies in my quest for overall wellness. To make the cut into my routines it has to work, and work well. I bring that same mentality to the skincare and botanical products we make.

I have spent hours poring over research and breaking new ground in order to defy contract manufacturer's stock formulations. I am by nature a purist and perfectionist, which has helped create a sophisticated and unique collection of products that proactively heal and enhance your health.

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Blissoma is different because our ingredients and our formulas are different. We have chosen to work with a much stricter ingredient palette than even most "natural" brands. An initial feel of our products demonstrates the difference as the texture, color, and smell all distinctly tell the story of the nutritive ingredients contained therein.

The entire line eliminates petrochemical ingredients, parabens, and synthetic colors and fragrances while maintaining a sophisticated feel. We do not use "vegetable emulsifying wax", pthalates, neuropeptides, or other artificial "beauty" chemicals.

Instead we choose active, potent ingredients that are based on nutrients, antioxidants, and advanced phytochemistry. Generally our ingredients are just 1 step away from the original plant material from which they came. We carefully research each of our botanicals to determine their most active principles and then each is extracted and added to our formulas in a way that preserves its most effective medicinal components. All products are 100% natural and with the reformulation of our natural deodorants our entire line is now Certified Vegan, packed with certified organic botanicals, bioavailable vitamins, essential fatty acids, and skin-soothing seed oils.

Certified vegan skincare that is cruelty-free and uses raw botanical ingredients that are minimally processed.  Natural skincare with certified organic botanicals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and soothing oils.

In addition to whole herb extracts some of the products also contain cosmeceutical grade botanical actives like Resveratrol, Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins, and Carbon Dioxide extracts from plants like German Chamomile and Carrot. These ingredients demonstrate Blissoma's dedication to groundbreaking, pure actives from natural sources. New technologies have made it possible to create totally clean, solvent-free extractions and science has proven the efficacy of the nutrient, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory compounds they contain.

You can trust our line because we control all production for all Blissoma products. This ensures the uniqueness of our recipes and the absolute purity of the final product. All ingredients are declared on our labels and nothing is hidden. We manufacture our own herb extracts and even juice fresh organic produce directly from local fields. Everything is made by myself, Production Manager Frank Wilderspin, and Esthetician Lauren Merten. Midge Greenberg, a licensed cosmetologist and beauty industry veteran, has recently joined our team as our National Wholesale Account Manager

Natural skincare made by caring staff with decades of natural lifestyle and wellness experience.

Every day we share natural skincare tips, ingredient education, and our passion for clean, organic, wellness lifestyle with our community.... that's you! We're available to dialog about your skincare needs and challenges. We really listen and we really care about your unique needs. We are here because people need clean, trustworthy, effective skincare and we're passionate about providing it. We want to stay in touch with you because you drive what we do. It's our honor to share in your daily skincare routine and impact your life for the better.

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All Blissoma natural skincare and natural bodycare products are made at our herbal studio.  Certified vegan skincare made in an all-botanical studio by hand using minimal processing.  Raw active botanical ingredients for healthy beauty.

Our Mission

Blissoma products enhance total body wellness, energy, and pleasure in convenient, unique ways that are accessible and sensible to the lifestyles of conscious consumers.

Code of Ethics

People Positive People Positive

Blissoma products are holistically beneficial to you, our employees, our suppliers and community. We support fair labor practices and partner with suppliers and peer companies that do the same. We seek cooperative success in our diverse and thriving marketplace.

Vegetarian and Animal FriendlyVegetarian and Animal Friendly

All Blissoma products are Certified Vegan by No animal testing is ever utilized on our products. Our ingredient suppliers must also verify that our raw materials are not undergoing animal testing now or in the future.

Real Raw PlantsReal Raw Plants

Our discerning taste leads us to seek out truly innovative, living, clean and minimally processed plant ingredients. All products are gently manufactured by hand at our herbal studio to preserve therapeutic value. All ingredients are declared on our labels.

Global VisionGlobal Vision

We respect our agricultural suppliers worldwide. We support organic farming to lessen chemical exposure for agrarian societies and provide them a toxin-free life. We also donate to social and environmental charitable initiatives to improve life for all people.

Environmental IntegrityEnvironmental Integrity

Because Blissoma products are made from only organic botanicals and plant-based ingredients they are 100% biodegradable. We minimize waste during production and use recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging and printing.

Blissoma Holistic Skincare and Apothecary
2730 LaSalle St.
St. Louis, MO US
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Unbelievable Difference!

I have suffered from acne since middle school and have tried so many different treatments, prescribed, natural, and had basically resigned myself to a life of constantly feeling self conscious about my skin. But then I found blissoma on a vegan beauty review website and it fit so many things I want in my beauty products. It's vegan, cruelty free, sustainably produced and packaged. And it WORKS! I ordered the A+ perfecting serum and the gentle rice cleanser and together in matter of weeks they have almost completely cleared my skin! I have had constant acne for my teenage and adult life with dryness on other parts of my face and my complexion is so different now! Smooth, soft and clear! - Ginny, KY
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